Logo design

Helps you own an outstanding and impressive brand
Why do you have to design the logo?
For a business, design a logo is the most important and important job, but not by them. Here’s some reason for the design of your logo:
The most important reason for a logo design is to make customers remember your company. Either way, when you start a business, what can feed your business is your customers. For customers to remember it, it is necessary to have a logo – the face of the company. With an easy-to-remember face, your company’s products and services will surely be welcomed and remembered when needed by customers. That mission is for the designers.
The second reason, when many people know your company through its impressive logo, it will be easier for you to sell, facilitate business, increase sales … Many people know that logo is an advantage. And in fact, when the company has a memorable and impressive logo, it will surely be more popular with everyone and the whole society …
Third, when you have the logo, the company’s value will be upgraded by a professional company who needs to show professional integrity by logo. Logo must be designed for a client to feel trust, professionally and attentive, to gain the trust of a client that any business, any company can try. When you have a credibility, your company will have a higher position, so you need a logo to go over there to show all the best things your company can do. Your employees will be more proud when the company they work for has a great logo. The company can make a corporate logo badge and wear it when commuting. This is really helpful to create excitement for employees at work. Moreover, if customers come to the company, formally, your company has gotten points in their hearts through professionalism and uniformity.
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Service to pull member telegram, facebook, twitter

Servicecheap specializes in receiving member telegram, facebook, twiter … to create business community, sales and many other beneficial purposes.

Our service to increase members of telegram, facebook, twiter … group has been in operation for over 2 years. Help increase group membership for hundreds of thousands of people, groups, clubs or organizations. Help promote work, better interact. Thousands of benefits from the increased team membership you get from doing our service with us.
Benefits from group membership increase service:
– Quickly create a group community of hundreds of thousands to millions of members.
– Create the best business environment if you are doing business online.
Build a large, quality group.
– Do not take time to invite each person to the group, the group of memes is Vietnamese, highly interactive foreigners.
– And many other benefits for each use purpose.
Come to our Servicecheap, because we have a team of professional, experienced and enthusiastic staff. You will be pleased with the quality of our service.

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Website Services


There are not enough sources of information to design, navigate and update content for your website. There is too little time to search and edit article files for your website.
For each website, images and banners hold an important part as its soul. But your web image is not taken care of, distorted, fuzzy, ..
Feel hesitate to spend a cost telling you to hire an updated employee, take care of the website for themselves or the current staff of unsatisfactory web care.
Feeling unsafe when the website often crashes or insecure when it is not clear that your website has been fully backed up?
In modern technology times, Website is the most effective sales staff. Website can sell 24/24 without you needing to pay for it.
Website is the “face” of the business on the internet environment. Therefore, the scale and professionalism of your company is firstly shown on the website.
You will spend a lot of costs: Salary, insurance, allowance, … when hiring an employee to take care of and operate.

You are not a professional, so updating and taking care of the website takes a lot of time. So why not spend valuable time focusing on your expertise?
– Update content on a daily basis
– Update relevant specialized information on the website
– Banner design, image processing, new product updates
– Regularly monitor and backup the system
– Handle the system: Website, domain, hosting issues
– Detailed monthly access reports
– Monitoring website activities
– Guide to building brands from the internet
– Consulting on building online marketing strategies and developing Email marketing.

Service running global traffic

Your website is newly established or your Website does not rank high in the search engines, you need a solution to help your Webistie get more visits (Traffic) to the Website.

In Seo, traffic (Traffic) is one of three extremely important factors that determine your Website’s ranking in the search engine Google, Bing, Coccoc … ..v … v … .. That’s why you increase Web visits are a very important part of your daily SEO Web job.
The Traffic increase service we provide to our customers is 100% real traffic due to the exchange between members, so the amount of traffic to the website is moderate, the access time is longer than 2 minutes, reducing the bounce rate well. , with sources from natural Google search, from Social Networks, From Backlink click, both increase the quality of backlink and diversify the source of Traffic is very good for Seo.
Increase Traffic from social networks: Facebook, G +… share article information for members to exchange View.

Increase Traffic from search on search engines: users search for keywords on Google, Bing, …

Increase Traffic from direct access: based on the website content, you will have to update new content for visitors return.
Increase traffic of countries: your website will show up in many countries you want to increase the reliability and reputation of your website, helping your customers feel secure.

What if in the next 48 hours of work, your “brainchild” will become a authority site and can reach the top anytime with 60,000 or more website traffic?

Increasing traffic to the website is not enough, Servicecheap also helps you become an authentic Authority Site!
The common SEO problems of your business are:
– Website only has a few high ranking keywords, low traffic volume.
Unstable results, often with rankings or traffic drops.
– Website ranks high BUT there are still no customers, not creating business efficiency.
Overall SEO Services (PPP) will help your business solve the aforementioned problems.

“Overall SEO (PPP) is an SEO method that helps improve website rankings on Google search results in a safe and durable way. through a set of keywords that cover the entire industry and quality content to satisfy every small query of customers. ”
The superiority of overall SEO Services:
– Number of keywords: Hundreds to thousands.
Sustainability: High sustainability, complying with Google algorithm.

Slide Design

The leading professional PowerPoint slide design service in Vietnam
Established in 2018, Servicecheap is now a pioneer in Southeast Asia in the Presentation Design industry.
With a team of creative designers and professional workflow, Servicecheap will work with you to transform raw content and data into stories and images that engage listeners through PowerPoint tools. Servicecheap’s design criteria: “BEAUTIFUL – SPEED – PROFESSIONAL”
With a team of experienced human resources and creative design thinking, it will help partners to have impressive and convincing presentation products with PowerPoint and Excel tools in a short time.
Servicecheap has accompanied more than 200 domestic and foreign businesses, creating beautiful and professional presentations, serving important business tasks such as fundraising presentations, new product launches, reports. in conclusion, … Servicecheap is highly appreciated for its creativity and a fast and efficient workflow, suitable for business customers with limited time.
We can complete a customer’s request within 24-48 hours.

Diverse and modern ideas, catching up with the latest design trends, professional and sophisticated design style.

Designed products are individually customized for each business’s brand identity and content.
Servicecheap is the leading enterprise in Vietnam that is

committed to bringing THE DESCRIPTION DESIGN to those who believe in the value of design and creativity.

Always as a companion, Servicecheap brings accumulated knowledge and experience, to TIPS and SHARE with you the power of creative idea communication in the flat world and IT era.
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Run facebook, youtube, google ads

Facebook advertising is that you will pay Facebook for Facebook to display the messages you want to convey to potential customers.

Articles, sales, services, events on your page will appear on the message board of the user you are targeting without having that person like your Page.

When the words Sponsored (Sponsored) appear right below the name of the Fanpage.
Just see this text, you understand this is a Facebook advertising article.
Facebook and the Facebook ecosystem that has been popular all over the world is a widely familiar social network with an extremely large number of users up to 1.8 billion accounts. In Vietnam, there are 60 million Facebook accounts. On average 2 out of 3 Vietnamese people have “Nick Facebook”.
And young people <35 years old almost everyone has and regularly interact with friends and groups on Facebook. With its own advantages, Facebook advertising seems to have been attracting more and more individuals and businesses to participate. Almost all of us, when we started to create a nick, facebook asked us everything: From basic information such as real name, year of birth, gender, place of birth, place of birth, ... to information "In-depth" information such as: What school are you studying, what are you doing, your hobbies, your marital status, ... And through the process of using, Facebook knows our behaviors and habits such as: Interactive behavior, purchase, types of interested content, habits, ... through facebook applications (Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp….) Or search browsers on the device you use. That is also the reason that you can see the feature "Recommended for you" show a lot of content you like: For users, Facebook uses the reason to take this information to display more accurate content. what we are really concerned about. It is true that, however, further purpose is that Facebook has obtained user data (data) to make it possible for Facebook advertisers to reach customers 1 correctly. Servicecheap we bring to you and businesses towards the fastest and most effective advertisYOUTUBE Ads If you want your ad to benefit from hundreds of millions of YouTube views. Advertising on Youtube, besides having huge traffic and interaction with users helps to bring great marketing effectiveness, flexible advertising, targeting the right potential customers is also a great advantage. for Youtube advertising is what it is today. With the use of advertising on Youtube, you have complete flexibility in your advertising forms, you can target any ad format - images, videos and text - to you. location on the YouTube website.ing purpose. The figures in Vietnam show that the potential of the market is enormous: – Vietnam has 54.6% of the population using the Internet. – On average, 1,883,000 members visit Youtube pages every day. – Each month on Youtube has 930 million page views. – The frequency of membership visiting Youtube per month is 10.1 times. – Time to visit: Youtube leads the development in the Asia-Pacific region, and ranks 3rd in the Asia-Pacific region (> 8 million hours/day), only after Thailand and Japan.
– On engagement, Youtube ranks first in time for each view (4.11 minutes/view), aGrow your business through Google:

Visible when people search for the products / services you offer.

Google is the place people go to find things to do, places to go and things to buy. Your ad can appear on Google as soon as someone searches for products or services similar to yours.nd traffic in South East Asia.
Whether they’re on desktop or mobile, an ad that shows up at the right time can turn people into valuable customers.

Get results that are helpful to you:
Increase your online sales, bookings, or mailing list subscribers by using online advertising that directs people to your website.

Increase the number of phone calls from customers by using ads that show your INCREASE THE NUMBER OF DRIVES THROUGH THE STORE.
Get more customers to visit your store by using ads that direct to your business on the map.

With our smart and easy-to-use advertising, you can reach more relevant customers within your budget. Plus, we’ll help improve your advertising over time so you can reap more useful results for your business.

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Promote brands for businesses all over the world

An overview of how to promote brands for businesses
Brand promotion is not simply marketing to help businesses reach more target customers, so how to promote the brand with the best results, helping businesses to sell
This issue is concerned by many businesses, from apprentices to bosses, how to promote and market the most effectively.
Perhaps when entering the market there are many steps for you to perform. I roughly divide that as preparation step, implementation step and measurement step.
It’s like we’re receiving a service service, some product I’ve got to study for behavior, the market that has the problem that their client cares about, They want to know and I’m just gonna drill into those problems to give my clients advice, the way to avoid it.
It’s simply the output of the heart, doing something to get the clients to experience.

The construction of today’s brand-new development people are often focused on Online Marketing and Offline Marketing.
Online marketing is simply you have a business on the internet, I mean you have to have a website and some resources to be able to promote and market them and remember to create a brand page with attractive content. Guidance (content that makes users, your customers like, share, or bring good value to customers)
Many businesses mistakenly think that if they have products or services they can sell, but it’s not that simple. It also has to go through development, marketing, how you do it.
Once you have a website and resources, don’t ignore social sites and videos that excite users (your target audience).
So how do you reach your target audience?
That’s probably one question and a big problem here, so let’s share with you our experience, to determine the target customer file of your business, you must at least know how to research. Research, analyze strong opponents through analytical and reference tools (we only mention tools for reference only, there is no one tool that can be 100% accurate, but this must mention the experience in the profession).
It is no different from a housing service provider in Ho Chi Minh City who wants their brand to be strong on the internet, online, they have to know how to market their business on pragmatic channels in that environment.
The resource that that unit challenged is simply a website:
Community development on social networking sites (Social media).
Business marketing on the internet
Social Media includes channels such as: SEO, FB ads, Google ads, Email marketing, social media, TV channels, television, radio, newspapers …

These are just a few basic channels but in Vietnam, take care of All these channels require businesses to have to pay and understand to do.
That is Online Marketing only, what about Offline?

Ofline also needs the courage and knowledge of branding.
In the period before, when distributing leaflets, placing billboards was applied strongly, when communicating, conferences often exchanged cardvisit …
Those are just the channels and overview so you know which channels you need to implement to promote the brand, each channel is specific, the plan to prepare it is quite complicated, and this requires the business owner. Only planning and understanding can come up with a good implementation plan.
Servicecheap with a team of professional staff will bring you the satisfaction of your service style and full requirements.

advice and working with Servicecheap experts, please send us Your inquiries and other related details via the contact section.

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Video design

Product promotional video services
Servicecheap introduces the service of making video advertising products. We offer the service of creating a video introducing the product Prestige – Professional. With a variety of video production services, suitable for all needs of businesses and individual customers. We confidently affirm to bring a professional service.
We offer you the best quality promotional videos at the cheapest price. Why it’s cheap, it’s simply because it’s “simple” but still provides you with a fully informative promotional video from A to Z and the most up to the trend.
Promotional video is a form of communication in which you use video / film as the main way to convey content, messages, news… about businesses, products, services…. Advertising videos highlight the services and products of the business being provided, help customers identify the brand, the content … thereby conveying
Advertising video as you know is a form of using video for advertising purposes, an indispensable part of Digital technology, an indispensable activity of internet marketing today.the message that the business sends to the viewer.
According to sources from Wikipedia, the number of promotional videos viewed accounts for 12.8% of the total number of videos viewed per day. This shows more and more that online video advertising is increasingly positioned as an effective advertising channel.
Online services are increasingly developing on the digital multimedia platform, making the distribution and accessibility of video advertising more and more convenient.
If you are just a Startup or a small and medium company. Your business does not need service packages with a large budget, just a simple promotional video but still catches up with the world advertising trend and meets the requirement of low price.
Especially, we design professional videos for startup projects MLM, Blockchain, Smartcontract, Coin, Stock … .. with a team of professional multinational leaders with many languages in the world. Professional personnel will introduce your project or company with the exact video length you desire
So how to have a cheap promotional video that can be used to advertise and communicate with customers?
That’s when you need the professional video recording service of Servicecheap.
With many years working in the field of advertising video communication and production, a team of experienced staff and proficient use of professional video dLet us confirm our professionalism by using the service or call the Hotline for a free consultation.
Servicecheap is a professional advertising video maker in Vietnam.esign software, we affirm our professionalism

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Image Design, Advertisement Advertisement

Image Design
Image advertising is one of the most diverse forms of marketing in today’s online world. Most businesses use it in many forms because it easily raises the awareness of customers about the brand effectively.
So how can you design an ad image that the reader cannot “resist” but has to click to see the ad, increase traffic and thereby bring in revenue? In fact, to design advertising images to increase traffic, there are some “immutable” rules that not everyone knows.
Servicecheap is the leading company in Vietnam in advertising image design, which will help many companies and businesses confidently design separate advertising images for each field, to advertise with images. beautiful and more quality.

Graphic design in general and advertising image design in particular is a creative and challenging field. It requires the artist’s logical thinking, aesthetic talent and high pressure. To have a quality and complete advertising image product is not easy.
Choose a unique theme.
Design the layout clearly.
Design beautiful and attractive images.
Attractive language.
Choose the right color.

Servicecheap we always follow the request, advice and good quality, fastest for every customer.

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Translating languages

We are proud to say that Servicecheap is the Best Interpreting Company in the market, the only company in the market that offers 50 languages.
Starting in 2018, an enterprise with the ambition to become the leading language solution provider in Vietnam to reach the world was established. Over 2 years of development, Servicecheap Company has achieved many successes that few companies in the same industry have:
Serving more than 10,000 customers per year.
Completed more than 20,000 Translation Projects.
70% of Human Resources is Bachelor of Languages.
The only company in the market that offers Interpretation in 50 languages.
98% Quality of Interpreters received a good response.
Always ready to be present anytime, anywhere.
Servicecheap is a pioneer enterprise to apply after-sales service, customer care in accordance with the world’s standards with the commitments:
Customer Rights No. 1
Quality No.1
Cost Always Lowest

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