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Develop a cryptocurrency exchange
We will help you build a cryptocurrency exchange based on the model of Binance, Bittrex or a new trading platform according to your requirements.
Servicecheap is a company that develops fast, secure, and reliable cryptocurrency exchange. With our experience deploying more than 20 large and small exchanges of decentralized exchanges, we can help you develop exchanges based on the Binance model, Bittrex or a new exchange under your request.
The cryptocurrency exchange solution was developed with high security standards, fast processing speed, large transaction volume and user friendliness.

The features of the exchange:
Servicecheap currently possesses the most advanced technology that allows the development of professional cryptocurrency exchanges. If you own a cryptocurrency and are looking for a reputable partner to grow your exchange, we will help you.
Integrating API code
Cryptocurrencies can be secured on the exchange by integrating email confirmation and SMS services.

Margin Trading
Lend cryptocurrency to trade on the exchange and return it at a predetermined rate.

encryption Data encryption allows security of transaction information as well as personal information.
Payment gateway integration
Users can withdraw and recharge electronic money through the payment gateway by many different methods.

Phone version
Users conduct transactions via phone on both Android and IOS operating systems.

Affiliate Program
Users will receive a commission fee when referring other members to the exchange.

2FA Security
2-Step Security is a secure method of verifying the identity of a user using Google Authenticator.
Administrator Functions
Manage exchange functions such as KYC, Tickets, referral programs and all transactions.

Multi-language support
When developing the exchange, we are committed to supporting multiple languages such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan, UK, … Exchange

wallets developed by Servicecheap, integrating electric wallets E allows storage of various currencies and cryptocurrencies.
Smart contracts
Cryptocurrencies are exchanged between buyers and sellers through secure and secure smart contracts.

Resists unwanted changes and actions on the part of the user.

For advice, working with the experts of Servicecheap, please send us your request and other relevant details through the contact section.

Servicecheap development team.

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