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Facebook advertising is that you will pay Facebook for Facebook to display the messages you want to convey to potential customers.

Articles, sales, services, events on your page will appear on the message board of the user you are targeting without having that person like your Page.

When the words Sponsored (Sponsored) appear right below the name of the Fanpage.
Just see this text, you understand this is a Facebook advertising article.
Facebook and the Facebook ecosystem that has been popular all over the world is a widely familiar social network with an extremely large number of users up to 1.8 billion accounts. In Vietnam, there are 60 million Facebook accounts. On average 2 out of 3 Vietnamese people have “Nick Facebook”.
And young people <35 years old almost everyone has and regularly interact with friends and groups on Facebook. With its own advantages, Facebook advertising seems to have been attracting more and more individuals and businesses to participate. Almost all of us, when we started to create a nick, facebook asked us everything: From basic information such as real name, year of birth, gender, place of birth, place of birth, ... to information "In-depth" information such as: What school are you studying, what are you doing, your hobbies, your marital status, ... And through the process of using, Facebook knows our behaviors and habits such as: Interactive behavior, purchase, types of interested content, habits, ... through facebook applications (Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp….) Or search browsers on the device you use. That is also the reason that you can see the feature "Recommended for you" show a lot of content you like: For users, Facebook uses the reason to take this information to display more accurate content. what we are really concerned about. It is true that, however, further purpose is that Facebook has obtained user data (data) to make it possible for Facebook advertisers to reach customers 1 correctly. Servicecheap we bring to you and businesses towards the fastest and most effective advertisYOUTUBE Ads If you want your ad to benefit from hundreds of millions of YouTube views. Advertising on Youtube, besides having huge traffic and interaction with users helps to bring great marketing effectiveness, flexible advertising, targeting the right potential customers is also a great advantage. for Youtube advertising is what it is today. With the use of advertising on Youtube, you have complete flexibility in your advertising forms, you can target any ad format - images, videos and text - to you. location on the YouTube purpose. The figures in Vietnam show that the potential of the market is enormous: – Vietnam has 54.6% of the population using the Internet. – On average, 1,883,000 members visit Youtube pages every day. – Each month on Youtube has 930 million page views. – The frequency of membership visiting Youtube per month is 10.1 times. – Time to visit: Youtube leads the development in the Asia-Pacific region, and ranks 3rd in the Asia-Pacific region (> 8 million hours/day), only after Thailand and Japan.
– On engagement, Youtube ranks first in time for each view (4.11 minutes/view), aGrow your business through Google:

Visible when people search for the products / services you offer.

Google is the place people go to find things to do, places to go and things to buy. Your ad can appear on Google as soon as someone searches for products or services similar to yours.nd traffic in South East Asia.
Whether they’re on desktop or mobile, an ad that shows up at the right time can turn people into valuable customers.

Get results that are helpful to you:
Increase your online sales, bookings, or mailing list subscribers by using online advertising that directs people to your website.

Increase the number of phone calls from customers by using ads that show your INCREASE THE NUMBER OF DRIVES THROUGH THE STORE.
Get more customers to visit your store by using ads that direct to your business on the map.

With our smart and easy-to-use advertising, you can reach more relevant customers within your budget. Plus, we’ll help improve your advertising over time so you can reap more useful results for your business.

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