Website design
High-tech web design services for organizations and enterprises
Servicecheap’s the cheap company that provides the most advanced web design with SEO standards with beautiful interfaces in the fields of sales, real estate, architecture, furniture, transportation, insurance, medical, entertainment, … Many organizations, businesses and individuals around the world have been designing websites to promote their images and online stores in the online market. Because Website is a form of online business, it is a place for businesses to promote theAn interface design
We designed the interface on Photoshop as the client’s request to combine Servicecheap’s idea to bring up a high-ranking photo,ir image – brand, or an online store with an exclusive appearance.
Basic Search Module
People search for information such as product name, news, content,… or integrate the Google Custom Search tool into your website. Or request additional advanced search module by price, product type, product specification,..
The technology.
We apply advanced advanced technologies secure website, improve the web guidance of the website, easy maintenance and upgrades, without using open codes,..
With this function users can manage websites such as manage permissions for each member, manage posts, manage products, manage contact information, or integrate and add new necessary functional modules. …
Sales function
We will design a professional and simple shopping cart interface, as well as integrate various methods such as payment on receipt, online payment (Momo, Bao Kim, bank, bank card , …)
Search Engine Optimization
We design SEO standard Web, optimize onpage, help SEO well with Google and other search engines like Bing, Coc Coc, Yahoo.
Customer surveys
Help you to record the feedback assessment from customers to have the plans for adjustments for products, services…
Advanced functions
We will customize functions according to customer requirements such as product auctions, product comparison …
Maintenance mode, warranty.
Servicecheap will support the maintenance and free warranty during the operation.
To be counseled, to work with Servicecheap’s experts, give us your demands and other details of the connection.

Servicecheap Development team.